Referring Providers

Referring Providers



The physicians at Diablo Valley Perinatal treated my twin pregnancy with incredible warmth and dedication. I know that they provided me and my wife with the best care available from our fist visit to the delivery of our beautiful boys.  While their personalities are different, each doctor had a peaceful way of making my pregnancy and delivery as calm and stress-free as possible. My wife and I will forever be grateful for the care they provided that resulted in the arrival of our healthy beautiful twin boys.




Why is an ultrasound exam so important in pregnancy?

— During the first trimester, a fetal ultrasound determines the health of an early pregnancy with the measurement of the nuchal translucency.

— During the second trimester, a fetal ultrasound rules out most birth defects with a comprehensive evaluation of the fetal anatomy.

— During the third trimester, a fetal ultrasound evaluates the size of the developing baby and identifies pregnancies with abnormal growth.