Perinatal Care for You and Your Baby
Throughout Your Pregnancy

Specializing in Advanced, Personalized Comprehensive Perinatal Care

Diablo Valley Perinatal Associates is the preeminent perinatal group in the east bay.  Since 2006, Diablo Valley Perinatal Associates has built a reputation of quality, personalized care and attention to detail that has garnered a loyal referral base from surrounding obstetricians and praise from patients. Our physicians are subspecialty trained in Maternal-Fetal medicine providing comprehensive perinatal services including prenatal diagnosis, diagnostic fetal procedures, consultations for complex medical conditions and continuity care for the highest risk pregnancies. We perform over 18,000 fetal ultrasounds annually, are accredited by the American Institute in Ultrasound medicine (AIUM) and are an approved California Perinatal Diagnostic Center (PDC).  In addition, our physicians provide around the clock regional support for maternal transports, caring for the most difficult unforeseen emergent obstetric cases.  Our staff of specialty trained sonographers, experienced medical assistants, knowledgeable genetic counselors and friendly administrative assistants supports our physicians in providing the highest level of personalized perinatal care possible.

Because of my complex medical problem, I was referred to a major university medical center for my first pregnancy.  While I felt safe, I was juggled around between faculty, fellows and residents who I didn’t know – and they didn’t seem to know me.  I was a teaching case.  After moving to the east bay, I was referred to Diablo Valley for my second pregnancy.  Wow – what a difference!  I received better care than at the major university medical center, and on an incredibly personal level.  Each doctor knew me and treated me like a family member.  –  C.L.

Perinatal Care for You and Your Baby Throughout Your Pregnancy


Our Outpatient Services

The physicians and staff of Diablo Valley Perinatal Associates provide comprehensive Maternal-Fetal-Medicine services in a caring, compassionate environment with technologically advanced diagnostic ultrasound equipment. Our three doctors are skilled prenatal diagnosticians, performing over 18,000 obstetrical ultrasounds and 400 diagnostic procedures annually. Our volume and expertise exceed that of most major university medical centers while our approach to individualized care make every patient the most important person of our day. We are a California state approved Perinatal Diagnostic Center (PDC) providing thorough, respectful, confidential counseling and diagnostic testing tailored to fit the needs of our diverse patient population.


Our Inpatient Services

Although most pregnancy complications may be managed in the outpatient setting at scheduled appointments, other problems occur unexpectedly and require inpatient hospitalization and timely attention. For such occurrences, Drs. Traynor, Won and Kellert are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to accept maternal transports from surrounding community hospitals that require subspecialty care for any complications that may arise. The physicians of Diablo Valley Perinatal Associates also provide consultative and diagnostic perinatal support for the obstetrical staff of John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek for conditions such as preterm labor, preterm premature rupture of membranes, preeclampsia, bleeding secondary to placenta previa, placental abruption uncontrolled diabetes, pneumonia, kidney infections and care for multiple gestations.


For Your Appointment

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we have implemented appointment policies to ensure the safety of our patients and staff that meet or exceed recommendations by the CDC.  Pregnant women are at greater risk for complications from COVID and as a result – we maintain strict safety protocols.  We currently allow one family member to accompany each patient.  Unfortunately, additional family members are not allowed at this time. 

For a $5 fee we can also send keepsake photos from your ultrasound exam to your smartphone – that you can share with whomever you wish.